Artist Video

Artist: Hyeyeon Kim

Curator: Jia-Zhen Tsai (Taiwan)

Hyeyeon Kim investigates how people interact (or do not interact) and the social (or anti-social) principles that are involved, through performance and its video documentation. The artist is especially interested in the psychology and process where a relationship to another person operates as the fundamental motive for him/her to move. So far, she has held two solo exhibitions, 《Air Cake》(2018) and 《Setting Sun and Everything That Isn’t the Setting Sun》(2020).

1979 was born in Taiwan, Jia-Zhen Tsai is an independent curator now, and used to run a non-profit art space tamtamART TAIPEI with other four members since 2013 June until 2015.

In 2011, she got the idea that art is not only making more works and exhibitions after making few exchanging and different kind of scale of exhibitions over 4 years. She desired to figure out the contemporary art development sight and context in Taiwan,so she stared interviewed lots of artists as a field research since the end of 2011.She focused on 1)moving-images,  2)new generation to be the beginning points of study.

She and four friends organized the non-profit contemporary art space “tamtamART TAIPEI,” which focuses on new media, including video and installation, while also developing collaborations with other individuals and organizations. Aside from the experimental film festival in 2014, there will also be a collaborative exhibition with Polish independent curator Mateusz Bieczyński, and an artist talk with Southeast Asian artists, organized with the online Taiwanese contemporary art magazine “No Man’s Land.”