Artist Video

Artist: Hana Kim

Curator: Anna Harding (UK)

Kim Hana has continuously explored the achievement of materiality through the surface of painting.

She paints by referring to the texture of objects such as icebergs, bed sheets, and plywood, and also leaves paint to run and harden along the curves of the canvas. Additionally, the artist manipulates the display to allow viewers to visually experience and explore the surface of the canvas differed by conditions of light as well as the composition of pigment and layering, even with the absence of specific references. Common features of the references the artist pulls from come from materials from nature, and are visually dominant. We recognize glacier, fabric, sand, water, light, stones, grapes, plywood, and mineral through its texture, rather than its from.

While working in Incheon in 2020, the artist will search for references specifically found in the area. Further, by employing light and mobility as the vehicle in the experiments into the nonmaterial – a mechanism to expand painting that is the most material medium – she will explore the endless expansion of the surface of painting.

For the last 15 years She has been leading SPACE, a London visual arts organisation supporting artists in a changing urban environment by providing creative workspace, advocacy, support and promoting innovation. 

SPACE was set up by artists in 1968, we currently run 20 artist studio buildings across 7 London boroughs and Colchester. We provide affordable creative workspace plus support programmes, such as exhibitions, artists residencies, bursaries and training opportunities, to support artists to be sustainable. We also work with schools, young people and communities neighbouring SPACE studio sites to promote engagement with creativity and the arts. SPACE supports nearly 900 artists with studios and a further 700 a year with professional development. Additionally, SPACE engages 22,000 people a year through its public programmes.