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Artist: Jihye Park

Curator: Haily Grenet (France)

Jihye Park graduated from Goldsmiths, University of London, BA in Fine Arts and Contemporary Critical Studies and an MFA in Art Practice. Park visualizes situations and various conflicts are created by combining diverse incidents and phenomena that occur in reality with the artist’s own story within a deliberately limited time and space. Recently, deviating from limited time and space, she is working on building a multi-dimensional time and space through image and sound. She has held seven solo exhibitions in Korea and UK, such as<The Wall without a Name>(Incheon Art Platform, Incheon 2019)<No One Is There>(Space wheeling and dealing, Seoul, 2019) <Sense of Absence>(SongEun ArtCube, Seoul, 2013). Also participated in various group exhibitions such as <Contemporary Croma>(Daejeon Museum of Art , Daejeon, 2019), <Station Paradox>(Momentum, Berlin, 2018), <Hybridizng Earth Discussing Multitude>(Busan Biennale, Busan, 2016), <The Thing That You Know, I Do Not Want To Know>(La Compagnie, Marseille, 2016), <The Moment, We Awe: Korean Contemporary Art>(Sanshang Contemporary Art Museum, Hangzhou, 2014)

Consultant in communication and production of cultural events, she has been accompanying festivals and exhibitions for ten years, specializing video art. é

Student in Art History at the Louvre Paris School, then Sociology and Philosophy at the Sorbonne-Paris IV, she obtained a masters’ degree in communication management CELSA.

For three years based in Seoul, I worked with several Korean institutions, as well as in Southeast Asia(Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia). Since 2016, I have been working on the production and management of various cultural projects such as the OVNi festival and Camera Camera Salon (Nice 2016-2019), Philosophical Encounters of Monaco(Monaco, 2018), lyrical company Les Monts du Reuil (Opera de Reims, 2020), stage director Stephan Goegler (2020) and more recently Around Video art Fair as director(Lille, 2019-2020)

As an independent curator, she founded with plastic artists Emille Dumas and Vincent Voillat the insutite d’Estétique, invited to Copenhapgen or Paris at Glassbox, Paris de Tokyo, and Cneter Pompidou. 

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